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Audition Details for Spring 2022

About the group:

NYCC is a semi-pro ensemble—we've got some members who are trained/professional singers, and some folks without a lot of training who have just been doing this for a while and love choral music. We're laid back but we make music at a pretty high level! Singers aren't paid (nor is our director, nor is any of the board) but no one pays dues or has to sell a certain number of concert tickets or anything like that. We welcome singers of all genders on all voice parts.

We're a really friendly group: most people go out for drinks/hanging out after rehearsal, and once a season we go for a weekend retreat (just spending the weekend at an Airbnb outside the city, or something).


Of course, the socializing is totally optional (we know that everyone has busy schedules), but this is all to say that we like each other and have fun together. [Note: the specifics of how we socialize are different/still being worked out in pandemic times, but the spirit remains!]


In terms of repertoire, we sing a little bit of everything from the classical canon. Our last full season was all Renaissance madrigals; this season is French Impressionist music (Debussy, Ravel, Duruflé, Poulenc, and Messiaen).

COVID precautions:

  • stay home if you're sick (this one should be a given)

  • vax and booster required for all members, accompanists, etc.

  • better-than-cloth masks required during rehearsal (KN95 or multi-layer singer's mask)

    • KN95s provided if you don't have your own

  • windows open during rehearsals, and an air purifier in the rehearsal space

  • while numbers are high, higher-risk members encouraged to test before rehearsal (at their discretion)

    • some NYCC-provided rapid tests are available for people who want to test and can't find their own

  • if case counts / % positivity / ICU capacity used get too high, we'll pivot temporarily to virtual/outdoor rehearsals


Dates/times to know:

  • rehearsals Tuesday evenings, 7-9:15PM on the Upper West Side (72nd st. and Broadway)

  • concert Sat. May 7th at 7PM (call time: 5PM)

    • with a dress rehearsal Fri. May 6th 7-9:30PM

    • all at Good Shepherd-Faith Presbyterian near Lincoln Center


About the audition:

The audition consists of

  1. some vocalizing, to warm you up and get a sense of your range/tone

  2. some aural skills exercise to get an idea of your ear

  3. [if in person] singing a bit with an NYCC member, to see how you hold a part and function in a choral setting

  4. some sightreading (a great skill to have, but not necessary if you're willing to put in the work to learn the music)

  5. a prepared piece, your choice -- you singing about a minute of anything you feel comfortable with that you think shows off your voice to its best advantage

What to prepare:

  • [if in person] The first 12 bars of If Ye Love Me (your choice of part), for singing with an NYCC member

  • Your prepared piece, which can be anything and any genre

  • Any questions you have about the group!

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